2018 mobile marketing predictions from 18 industry veterans

On a lot of different fronts, 2017 was quite a year. We witnessed a real estate mogul/reality TV host get elected president of the United States. A new form of currency — Bitcoin — rose in price from $1,000 in January to $19,191.50 in mid-December and then back to $15,000 as the year closed out. The #MeToo movement saw a massive housecleaning of leaders in politics, business and Hollywood as allegations of sexual harassment came to light. And on a more germane front, Apple showed us the future of consumer facial recognition with the launch of its new X as it celebrated its 10th year of the iPhone.

The penetration of smartphone usage in the US among millennials hit 93.1 percent, according to eMarketer. GenXers were close behind at 85.1 percent, with Baby Boomers still lagging significantly at 64.4 percent. (No wonder they’re still writing checks at the checkout line of the grocery store.)

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