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4 Influencer Marketing Strategies to Bolster Your Brand Without Breaking the Bank

While personal recommendations may forever reign as the most trusted form of consumer marketing, 85 percent of respondents to a recent BrightLocal Survey reported that they now trust online reviews just as much as those personal recommendations. It’s increasingly clear that retailers should consider user-generated content (UGC) an important element of their marketing strategies. For consumers, authentic content is influential content. The 2017 Consumer Content Report from Stackla revealed that 86 percent of people say authenticity is important when deciding what brands they like and support. Again, 60 percent of respondents consider content created by consumers as the most authentic, as opposed to the 20 percent who find brand-generated content authentic. By enlisting the influence of brand advocates with big social media followings, companies can generate revenue-boosting social proof from highly visible users. This strategy, known as influencer marketing, also serves to multiply the power of UGC and spread the word about your e-commerce brand to a wider audience, without spending a fortune on traditional marketing. Whether your marketing team is interested in working with an influencer to develop engaging content or is already experienced in handing over the reins for a total takeover, here are four strategies to facilitate the experience and grow your e-commerce brand — and its revenue — with influencer marketing: 1. Build relationships with the right influencers. Building a lasting relationship with the right kind of influencer for your e-commerce brand is key. For example, an online jewelry company that uses recycled metals and conflict-free gems can bolster its brand by building relationships with jewelry designers, jewelry makers, and influential individuals that focus on sustainability and ethical practices. Smaller online retailers or those with smaller marketing budgets don’t have to break the bank to get in on creating social proof with […]

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