A Global Payments Analysis: What Retailers Need to Know to Effectively Sell Cross-Border

A Global Payments Analysis: What Retailers Need to Know to Effectively Sell Cross-Border

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Sponsored by: Worldpay
Speakers: Brad Maeder, Director for Global eCommerce, Worldpay

For many U.S. retailers, selling their products cross-border represents an untapped yet significant opportunity to grow their bottom lines. And even for those retailers that have dipped their toes into the international waters of e-commerce, many aren't fully capitalizing on the market opportunity at hand. So what's holding U.S. retailers back from cashing in on cross-border selling? A lack of knowledge on global payments.

In this interactive webinar, we will provide results and analysis from Worldpay's fourth annual Global Payment Report, including:

  • current market value as well as growth projections for individual countries;
  • customer payment preferences by country;
  • the impact that a frictionless and secure checkout experience can have on international conversion rates, and how to make that happen;
  • how millennials’ increased use of alternative payment methods is forcing retailers to rethink their checkout pages; and
  • tips to drive growth in individual markets based on a deeper understanding of customer preferences.

Attendees will leave this webinar with a better understanding of the global e-commerce opportunity, including how payments will impact future success.

Come to this session armed with your questions. You'll be able to submit questions directly to our panelists for a live Q&A session during the hour.

Sponsored by Worldpay

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