From Context to Carts: Best Practices in Targeting Shoppers for Holiday 2018

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The holidays are moving in fast, and retailers are looking for ways to maximize digital marketing efforts to make this their best season ever. Access to cutting-edge technology and high-quality data has been improved in recent years, so hopes are high. Marketers are eager to drive sales with transparent, accountable campaigns. However, with ad tech moving so quickly, marketers may not yet know how exactly to use these new tools to their best advantage.

Best practices have changed with the times, and there are new, incredibly effective audience targeting strategies that retailers may not even know or understand — but that could have a tremendous positive impact on holiday campaigns. These should be considered “new best practices” for digital marketers, particularly those who use programmatic advertising. I’ll endeavor to clearly (albeit briefly) explain so you begin to understand how these new targeting methods can help you reach and engage new shoppers right when they're most likely to convert.

All of these new targeting methods can help retail marketers get an edge on the competitive holiday shopping season. In these months where every big retailer is investing millions in TV and digital, smaller retailers can still win new customers by targeting strategically. Consider these new targeting strategies part of your new set of best practices through the holiday season and beyond, and you’re likely to see a positive impact when Q1 rolls around.

Stephanie Denevan is director of client services, AUDIENCEX, an advertising technology and marketing company that delivers end-to-end digital solutions for brands and agency partners.