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How to stop walled gardens from becoming the beginning, middle and end of your customer data (source:MarketingTech)

After growing concerns around the privacy of third-party cookies, Google announced last year that it would completely phase out cookies on Google Chrome by 2022. While other companies such as Apple and Firefox have already phased out and replaced the third party cookie on their own browsers, Google’s decision last year is the most significant. Google Chrome is the most widely used internet browser in the world and its decision to remove third party cookies from the platform has had far-reaching consequences for marketers and brands alike.

Third-party cookies have long been used by marketers to fuel digital marketing campaigns. Tracking browser history, user ID, session ID, and more, third party cookies allow brands to tailor ads based on user patterns and behaviours. For example, if a person frequently visits an ecommerce site, then they will start to receive ads relevant to their browsing behaviours on that site.

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