Tech Platform Spotlight: BlueConic CDP

Our weekly technology spotlight picks up on the CDP (Customer Data Platform) craze and we look at BlueConic in this edition.

First, what is a CDP?

“A Customer Data Platform is a marketer-managed system that creates a persistent, unified customer database that is accessible to other systems”. – CDP Institute

CPS’s are systems by which Marketing and Sales professionals can view and interact with customer segments in real-time without having to have their IT or Development Staff build code and on-site scripts to do it for them.

CDP’s are implemented and installed with the help of IT, BUT, Marketing controls and interacts directly and makes decisions and actions directly on their own.

With the use of a CDP, the Marketer can see a single, centralized, unified customer view for interaction in different channels and campaigns.


We have had several demos of the BlueConic platform, and we have to say, first and foremost, these guys know their stuff!  By far, some of the best presenters and knowledge holders on a platform, capabilities and industry knowledge.

The BlueConic platform fully integrates with your website and starts tracking on-site users and interactions with your site.  They provide recommendation engines based on user behavior and full segmentation of your audience and visitors.

Their two main principals are Unify and Activate.

Every marketer seeks to unify customer data and activate it in different channels and campaigns. That’s why you need BlueConic’s customer data platform.

Marketers with a CDP discover new efficiencies and in their overall marketing effort as well as unleash new revenues from customer data that was previously inaccessible or under-utilized, and applying those data to all variety of marketing activities and business initiatives.

Their Real-Time Segmentation allows you, in “under two minutes”, and “fewer than 7 clicks”, to build a segment based on combination of attributes and push those segments out to your Marketing Automation platform, or your Ad Targeting platform, or both…

These segments are dynamic and constantly update and push to 3rd Party platforms and services that will allow you to market more effectively, through your Marketing Automation or ESP tool that you are using.  Your Ad Tech group will love it, as it integrates seamlessly with 3rd Party Ad Tech providers as well.

View their 3rd Party Connection Library

In closing, the use of a CDP will greatly enhance and invigorate your Marketing programs and responses.  Being able to get a single view of what your customers and visitors are interacting with, as well as being able to take quick action on that is not only cool, it is the way of the world as we know it now in Marketing and Sales automation.

Visit BlueConic for more information

(Note, this is NOT a paid Advertisement, just some good information and technology to look into and we feel it is a good way to provide you with some solid information and tools to work with, without bias)

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