Walmart Launches ‘InHome’ Grocery Delivery Program

Walmart has launched a new service that will deliver groceries and put them away in your fridge, CNBC reported . The service, called InHome grocery delivery , is a membership program that has an introductory price of $19.95 a month, but also requires customers to purchase a $49.95 smart door lock kit or smart garage door kit. The kit comes with free installation and one month of free unlimited grocery delivery. Currently, the program is available in three cities — Pittsburgh, Kansas City, and Vero Beach, Fla. — but Walmart plans to expand InHome nationwide. Through Walmart’s website, customers can choose kitchen or garage fridge delivery, and once the smart lock is installed, next-day grocery delivery service can begin. Walmart is requiring employees to have at least a year of service with the company, background checks and motor vehicle record checks before working with InHome. Employees will also receive extensive training, including how to best rearrange groceries in a packed fridge. Total Retail’s Take: Walmart’s new InHome grocery delivery program makes shopping even easier for consumers. While many grocers either have their own home delivery service or partner with a third party, not many have taken the next step of having employees enter customers’ homes and unload the groceries for them. is one of the few companies doing something similar with its Amazon Key program. While there are certainly logistics and safety concerns involved with InHome, Walmart is being proactive and taking the necessary steps to provide extensive training and complete background checks on employees performing the service. But will customers feel comfortable allowing strangers to enter their homes for the sake of convenience?

Source – Total Retail

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